Solar pumping test bench

The complete photovoltaic water pumping test bench is assembled with the following equipment and accessories.

Stainless steel tank (artificial well), type Acerinox 1.4301 2B / 034DC7, completed by hydraulic system which involve the following measuring devices:

    • Two flow meters

    • Two pressure sensors

    • Control valve to adjust the water pressure.

    • Electrical panel display which displays the following parameters:

    Current I(A)
    Voltage V(V)
    PV cell temperature (° C)
    Irradiance (W/m2)
    Pressure P1: simulated well head ranges from 0 to 160m
    Pressure P2: simulated well head ranges from 0 to 10m.
    Pressure P3: static level of the tank (artificial well) ranges from 0 to 2.50m.
  • MPPT (300W) for low power
  • DC/AC inverter for mono-phase pumps.
  • Connection box to select the different configuration (DC pump, DC/AC pump via the inverter and DC pump via MPPT).
  • Data logger - Agilent 34970A connected to PC



Project Team