Concentration photovoltaic power plant (CPV CX-S530-II) from Soitec (30 kW)

The CPV system is composed of CPV modules installed on a tracker that tracks the sun all day long, thus generating electricity. CPV technology uses Fresnel lenses made from silicone on glass that concentrate 500 times the sun's rays on small high-efficiency multi-junction photovoltaic cells. These cells are mounted on a glass-supported plate and directly convert the concentrated light into electrical energy. In the laboratory, the efficiency level can exceed 43%, which is more than double the efficiency of silicon-based cells.

Prototype applications in the socio-economic sector:

  • Contribution to the integration of this type of system in the national production of energy.
  • Feedback from experience.
  • Contribution to the realization of the state's prospects for renewable energy in the short and medium term.
  • Strengthen the electricity grid by electricity injected from the CPV.