Application of Renewable Energies in Arid and Semi-Arid Environments

Energy policy of our country is mainly intended to develop renewable energies by adopting an ambitious program to promote clean resources and energy efficiency. In this context, the new ministerial department dedicated to energy transition and renewable energies will boost the implementation of the program to achieve its goals by 2035.

The division of “Application of Renewable Energies in Arid and Semi-Arid Environments “(AERMASA) aspires, through the projects developed, to contribute for the realization of the national program. However, the objectives of the division meet the needs of the region population and participate to advancing knowledge, and respond to the societal and environmental concerns by proposition of technical solutions across the field that covered such as: bioclimatic housing, energy systems adapted to the agriculture, the bankability of solar resource, etc.

The division is consisted by 4 research teams, through which researchers working on the various subjects related to the activities of the division and strive to the achievement of the desired goals. The research teams are:

  • Solar Architecture and Bioclimatic
  • Hydrogen Technology
  • Renewable Energy Deposit
  • Energy Systems for Agriculture