Energy Systems for Agriculture

The research activities will focus on the technical integration of the energy systems applied to agriculture, and this by classifying both the different structural and functional architectures of the systems implemented. The proposals and approaches will be articulated around a technology designed to meet the needs of farmers. The themes will be diversified so as to offer significant development prospects towards food self-sufficiency in order to bring significant gains for sustainable agriculture. The production of biofuels and the recovery of waste are also solutions that will fight against environmental pollution and reduce energy consumption. The team also aims to introduce new high value-added substances (ethanol, biodiesel) into the market that could be a renewable substitute for fossil fuels while contributing to the inventory of native microalgae species. The main lines of research:

  • Greenhouse heat and water control of plant products.
  • Estimation and optimization of the energy needs of agricultural greenhouses.
  • Energy and geometric concepts for improving agricultural and agri-food products.
  • Solar drying.
  • Pumping and optimization of systems for different applications.
  • Biochemical and microbiological metabolisms for bioenergy production.
  • Bioenergy production process.
  • Energy valorization of local resources.

  • Photovoltaic pumping test bench

    Experimental laboratory: biomass team

    Heating greenhouses by a system of storage in bed of pebbles

    Installation of photovoltaic pumping in a real well in Metlili Ghardaia

    Longitudinal Dryer & Indirect Solar Dryer

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