Mini Solar Power Stations

The MCS Mini Solar Power Plants Division of URAER is dedicated to advancing applied scientific research and technological development in the field of Mini Solar Power Plants, encompassing both photovoltaic and thermodynamic technologies. Our primary focus is on conducting research and development efforts that center around controlling the various subsystems that constitute these power plants. Our comprehensive approach covers a wide range of aspects, starting from in-depth work on the photovoltaic generator. This includes tasks such as modeling and characterization, aimed at improving its performance and efficiency. Additionally, we emphasize the development of innovative control systems for power converters, such as charge regulators and inverters, specifically designed for photovoltaic power plants. By enhancing the control mechanisms, we strive to enhance the overall reliability, efficiency, and functionality of the power conversion process. Furthermore, we dedicate our efforts to the development of concentrators and thermal subsystems for thermodynamic mini-power plants. Our research efforts in this area aim to create advanced solutions and technologies that optimize the performance of these plants, ensuring efficient and sustainable utilization of solar energy. The ongoing research projects undertaken by our division hold immense importance due to their dual nature—fundamental and applied aspects. These projects contribute to expanding the knowledge base in the field while also addressing practical challenges and providing tangible solutions that can be implemented in real-world applications. Through our continuous endeavors, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of solar power technology, fostering sustainable energy practices, and making significant contributions to the global transition towards a greener and more sustainable future.


  • Mini Photovoltaic Plants MCPV
  • Hybrid Energetics Systems SEH
  • Mini Thermodynamic Power Plants MCT
  • Electrical Control, Conversion and Electrical Storage CCSE