Renewable Energy Deposit

By building databases through on-site measurements, team members engage in themes that positively influence the social and economic life of the region and generate new practical and theoretical concepts. The approaches adopted in the long, medium and short term contain elements of analysis and identification to evaluate and develop the solar, wind, biomass and geothermal potential. The main actions take into account the ecological and socio-economic realities of the region and guarantee the sustainable management of existing natural resources:

  • Evaluation of the solar field (treatment, estimation, prediction and mapping)
  • Evaluation of the geothermal field (geothermal gradient, iso-temperature maps ...)
  • Assessment of the biomass deposit (treatment, characterization, classification, estimation, mapping and prediction)

  • UARER Ghardaia radiometric station

    Annual distribution of daily solar energy potential for the Ghardaia region

    Automatic database management software collected at several sites in Algeria (URAER and SKTM data)

    Biomass in the oasis ecosystem

    Database management software (inventory and characterization) of date palm cultivars in the Ghardaia region

    Maps of geothermal potential in Ghardaia: heat flux (10-3 W/m2), geothermal gradient and water temperature of the continental shelf. (From left to right).

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