Director's word

The problems of climate change observed in recent years and the imminent arrival of the end of the oil era pushes Algeria to invest in the field of new and renewable energies.    Inaugurated in 1999, the Renewable Energy Applied Research Unit (URAER), attached to the renewable energy development center (CDER) is located in the beautiful city of Ghardaïa (600 km from Algiers) and 1 kilometer from the airport. The considerable resources put into training and research in the field of renewable energies, such as the development of the equipment of the specialized laboratories have enabled Algeria to be a trustworthy and experienced partner in the field of renewable energies. In this perspective, the creation of URAER has further confirmed the role of Algeria in the promotion and development of renewable energies.     URAER's ambition is to become an international platform for experimentation and a communication hub for all regional achievements in the field of renewable energies. Our unit through these research programs tries to contribute to the control and development of these technologies.     The human potential within the unit can contribute to the national research and training effort. This on the one hand by collaborating with universities and other research centers, and on the other hand by the possibility to offer within the unit a quality training in the field of renewable energies, ranging from the level of mastery up to the specialized post-graduation level.