The first Mini Central Photovoltaic connected to network

This power plant is made up of 18 amorphous silicon modules (thin film), of 110 Wp each, mounted in 9 branches of two modules in series, the SB 3000 TL inverter with two inputs of 150 V, 15 A and a single-phase sinusoidal output of 220 V 50Hz.

Applications of the prototype in the socio-economic sector

  • Contribution to the integration of this type of system in national energy production.
  • Experience feedback
  • Contribution to the realization of the prospects targeted by the state in the field of renewable energy in the short and medium term.
  • Provide energy in the electrical network
  • Type :

    PV plant.


    Support structure, photovoltaic field


    Inverter, and electrical cabinet

The first mini-photovoltaic power station connected to the 2.28 kWp network in Ghardaïa

Figure1:Front view of the car park

Figure2:Rear view of the car park