PV pumping in a desert environment

Autonomous experimental platform of a PV pumping system in a desert environment in Sebseb- Ghardaia, Algeria

In this Prototype, we are developing an autonomous experimental solar pumping platform intended to irrigate an agricultural farm in the municipality of Sebseb-Ghardaia.

The main objective is to evaluate the performance of a solar powered PV water pumping kit under real desert conditions.

Indeed, a real-time data acquisition system equipped with an autonomous power supply (PV + battery) is used to ensure the permanent monitoring of all the parameters of the installation.

    Applications in the socio-economic sector :
  • Obtaining an experimental PV pumping platform useful for the agricultural sector.
  • Popularization of this type of pumping installation in arid and semi-arid areas.
  • Boost agricultural activities in the Saharan regions.
  • Improvement of the living conditions of certain Saharan communities.

Solar PV pumping system at SEBSEB - Ghardaia

Autonomous power system for data acquisition