Renewable energy deposit

Project object

• Exhaustive constitution of data base on the renewable energy deposit

• Recognition correlations between the renewable energy deposit parameters.

• Classification of renewable deposits into account energy parameters.

• Predicting techniques identification for different energy deposits.

• Identification of the limits use of each technique.

• The solution contribution relating of energy production-consumption balance

• contributing solution relating of energy production-consumption balance

Appareil de mesure solaire

A high-precision radiometric station has been installed at the Renewable Energies Research Unit of Ghardaïa, which uses a three-dimensional tracking system (see photo below):

  • Pyrheliometer type Kipp-Zonen measuring the Direct normal irradiance DNI.
  • Pyranometer type Kipp-Zonen measuring the Global Horizontal Irradiance GHI.
  • Pyranomètres type Kipp-Zonen measuring Diffuse Horizontal Irradiance DHI.
  • Weather station consists of thermohygrograph measuring the temperature and relative humidity.
  • Sun tracker tridimensional system.
  • Power supply of the radiometric station by photovoltaic voice.